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What We Do


We are brokers who buy, sell, lease, design, and build commercial real-estate properties in Grand Rapids, Michigan. And it’s that very fact-that we control so many aspects of the commercial real-estate business – that makes us much more valuable to our clients than typical real-estate brokers. 
We know our market. And we make sure we know our clients. The combined experience of our principal people spans more than 35 years and encompasses a wide range of real-estate expertise.

We tackle every commercial real-estate project the same way – in three phases, which do tend to overlap:


In the Approach phase, we find out all we can about a client and that client’s needs. Then we help them understand their options, pointing out where they should be – and where they shouldn’t.


In the Expertise phase, we call upon our years of experience as brokers and our marketing savvy to assess property location, size, and other attributes, matching the property to the client’s profit, or business, model. We also can help a client determine whether buying or leasing is the best way to go.


In the Solution phase, we put the client in the right location, one that helps them make good on their business model by contributing dollars to their bottom line.

 Every commercial real-estate client is different. We can wear as many brokers hats as you need us to wear: a commercial real-estate buyer’s or seller’s hat...a landlord’s hat...a developer’s hat...a builder’s hard hat. They’re all a part of our wardrobe. And they can all play a part in creating the commercial real-estate solution that works best for you.

Contact DAR Development, Inc., or call us at 616.361.2307. You’ll see what we mean when we say we’re commercial real-estate brokers with a difference: we’re brokers who look out for you.

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